10 Best Dogs for Single Men

Is the Single Life for guys would really have to be a lonely affair? Really not. while a dog can give a solid companionship and a love all the time more than an average human can give. Trust it guys dogs are great companions. But not all dog breeds breed fit for single men’s lifestyle.

Before that you might need to consider certain factors before adopting a dog:

  • Size: The size of the dog really matters because that directly correlates with your type of accommodation and lifestyle. Large breeds cant fit in Apartment life.
  • Personality: If you are a runner, choose a dog that loves to run and play
  • Ease of Care: If you are a busy person who can’t spend more time with your dog, settle with low-maintenance dogs.
  • with respect to the above points, here are a few breeds that are best for single men.

Here are the 10 best dogs for Single Men

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever

German Shepherd





Great Dane