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When the Revolutionary Anti-Arthritis Injection for Dogs ‘Librela’ will be available in India

Not Just Humans, the dreaded Arthritis is not ready to spare even our beloved dogs to make their lives miserable. Almost every dog at some point in their life gets to brave the wrath of Arthritis.

Canine Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints of dogs. It can affect dogs at any age and can worsen with time. Arthritis-affected dogs face difficulty walking, sitting, standing or using stairs and experience unimaginable pain.

What is Librela injection?

Libreala is the first FDA-approved anti-nerve growth factor monoclonal antibody injection for dogs with osteoarthritis pain. It controls the pain by suppressing the pain signals from the brain. Currently, it is available in the USA and Canada for use by Veterinarians. Librela has so far produced tremendous results in controlling pain in dogs with arthritis.

When it will be available in India?

Currently, Librela is yet to be available in India. However, we can hope it will be soon available in India, as India Drug manufacturer Syngene International Ltd has signed a 10-year agreement with animal health company, Zoetis, to manufacture the drug substance for Librela which is used for treating osteoarthritis in dogs. With this, we can truly hope that Librela will soon be available here in India to provide much-needed relief to thousands of arthritic dogs.