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7 Best Dog Toys to Keep your dog out of Boredom

Playtime is very essential for dogs for their overall well being. Its not just amuses your dog, also acts a proper exercise. It also brings a lot of pleasure to you, while watch your dog play. There are lot of factors to consider while deciding a good toy for your dog. Let’s go through some best toys to buy for dogs:

Tennis Ball

Tennis Balls bounce well, are easy to throw, attractive and, most importantly, They’re soft for your dog’s teeth and big enough that they are not a choking danger for your dogs.

For smaller breeds who find difficulties in handling the normal tennis ball, Buy smaller variants available in Pet shops. Just make sure the ball you buy is big enough that your small dog can’t swallow it.

You can easily buy tennis from sports utility shops and shopping marts or click on the image below to buy.

Retrieving Toys

There are variety of toys made for dogs to retrieve. Fabric flying discs also known as Frisbee are great retrieving toys. Also balls are popular retrieving toys.


Kong toys are great fun for dogs, and are safe. A kong looks like a hard rubber snowman or three balls (small to big) fitted together on hierarchical order . Kongs come in different sizes and there is an appropriate size for every dog.

Buster cube

The buster cube is a box shaped plastic toy that is about 10 cms squares on each side. On one side of the cube there is a hole with an adjustable opening.

In a buster cube, you can open the hole and fill the cube with dry dog food, then adjust it to spill out a lot or just a few pieces of food each time the dog knocks the cube over.

When you first introduce the dog to the cube, you can have it wide open so the dog gets a lot of reinforcement for knocking this around. Later, when he knows that goodies come out of it, you can adjust it so fewer treats come out of it. This will keep dogs occupied for hours on end, especially those that are very fond of food.

Chew toys

Chew toys are very necessary for puppies, especially when they are teething. They also needed to help teach the puppy what is right and what is wrong for to chew on. You need to be able to take away your things and hand him something he is allowed to and wants to chew on.

Don’t give your pup anything to chew on that you won’t want him to be chewing on later. If you give him an old shoe to play with, he’ll think chewing shoes is permissible. You don’t want him to chew your new shoes, do you?

Rawhide chews

Rawhide chews are popular chew toys, However, You have to be very careful with rawhides, because dogs like to chew off big pieces and try to swallow those pieces whole.

To keep your puppy safe, only allow him to chew on rawhides where you can supervise him,


You must be cautious with edible chews as well. Treats made from the body parts of buffalo are extremely likable by dogs, and dogs seen to gulp them down at one go. But That can end up in a great danger since the brittle pieces from the treats can struck or damage your dog’s throat area, stomach and digestive tract.

After giving your puppy any chew toy, examine his stools carefully for the pieces of chew toy coming through.