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Combai (Kombai) Dog Breed Information

Combai a.k.a Kombai is a medium-size dog breed native to the southern part of India especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is believed that combai dogs were developed in the early 6th century, the traces of historical evidence of this breed is available from the period of 9th Century. Let’s see more interesting Information about Combai dog breeds

What is the History of Combai (Kombai)

Combai is one of the oldest dog breeds native to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Its history dates back to as early as the 6th Century. Historical evidence suggests that this breed was first introduced to Tamil Nadu by a group of people who migrated from Karnataka to a Place called Combai in Tamil Nadu and it believed to have got its name ‘combai’ by that way.

How Combai dogs look like?

Combai is a medium-size dog breed that weighs up to 25 kg. It appears with the broad chest as of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, a black nose, black hair coat along the shoulder blade till the tail, and a well built lean muscular body. Their height can be up to 25 inches.

What will be their Behaviour?

Combai dogs are known for their greater courage and loyalty. They can be intolerant and aggressive when it comes to their own safety and their owners. Combai dogs are also overprotective of their owners. They seem to be also very possessive towards their owners.

How is Combai as a pet?

Combai dogs are a courageous guard dog. They show extreme loyalty towards their owners. Due to their tendency to become over-aggressive, they may not be suitable for homes with small children as young kids can easily irk them by mishandling or bullying. So Kombai dogs can do well in a well-mannered and loving environment.