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Which is the Cheapest Cat Food in India?

Something best that we can buy for a cheap price will definitely make everyone happy and it is also true for price-conscious cat parents when we can able to buy a cat food which is best and also comes within the budget. Let’s go about knowing the budget-friendly cat food options in India.

Which is the cheapest cat food in India?


If you are price-conscious but will never compromise on quality, you should definitely buy Whiskas Cat foods. Whiskas is a Top-selling cat food in India with a very high approval rating from Pet Parents. You can get it for Rs 310/Kg which we will not say much cheap but is definitely worth the price.


Purepet is the cheapest cat food in India. You can buy it for just Rs 170/kg or even lesser when buying online during the sale period and that’s really a bang for the price. The best thing is it has high accolades and positive reviews from pet parents which certainly earn them the title of best budget cat food.