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Best Cat trees in India – Review and Buying Guide

Buying the best cat trees usually involves careful consideration of all recommendations of the cat experts, shoppers reviews, and finally picking up the one that’s best for your cat and your home.

At PetBuddy we have compiled a list of some of the best cat trees after carefully considering all features that your cat will expect in her tree. Be it sturdiness to withstand her purr and play or its perfect balance to support her fast moves, we found some of the best for your cat after a deep research on cat furniture.

Callas Cat Tree

cat tree

Cat trees are the best thing to promote the exercise activity of your cats, as exercise is primarily beneficial for their health. Callas Cat Trees secures the top position in our list for its best design. This tree is made up of strong compressed wood and firmly covered with plush fabric to keep cats comfortable and safe. This cat tree has four platforms which means the cats get 4 rooms to call them their home. This cat furniture is also easy to assemble and does not require a trained professional.

Cat Activity tree eith scratching post

cat tree

This three-storeyed cat tree is one of the best finds we made. As you see, this tree is aesthetically built with 7 elegant pillars which can also work as a scratching spot for your cats. The top storey is made up of round shaped comfy bed for your cat to take a leisure nap. The assembly is simple, just follow the instruction manual.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Grey ,X-Large

cat tree

This thoughtfully designed cat tree is going to be love at the first sight for your cat. Not Just your cat Who would not get amazed by such a brilliantly designed cat tree? With Multiple-Platform, cats will be busy playing and climbing up and down. A bed and enclosure are coming along with this tree to give greater amusement to your cat. The pillars of the construction also act as a scratching post, it is made up of jute fiber.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree, Cat Perch

This one One-storey cat tree with scratching posts and enclosure would surely be loved by any cat. With Interactive features, this cat tree is sure to keep your cat entertained, especially out of boredom. With this tree in place, it is less likely for your cat to damage other things such as carpets and furniture. It also has a scratching post made of jute fiber to protect the cat’s nails. This cat tree is a well-built one, so it will last for a longer duration.

RioAndMe Scratching Post and Activity Tree Natural Sisal Tower with Round Perch and Hanging Ball Made for Kitten and Small Cats (Dark Blue)

This cat tree is small and compact but will not fail to impress your cat. A Scratching post and hanging ball are added to it to keep your cat entertained and that saves money on the toy budget. A round-shaped bed is attached on the top to give your cat a comfortable nap time. The scratching stand is made up of highly durable wood with jute fiber winding. The combination of blue and white fabric is visually appealing that can also enhance the appearance of your living space.