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Best Sparrow Food in India

Sparrows are interesting wild birds that live close to human settlements. They can easily build a nest on our house roofs. So are you looking for the best foods for sparrows that recently made your home their home? In the wild, Sparrows get their food from nature, they eat small insects, seeds fruits, and grains.

With the diminishing forest cover and loss of habitat, the wild sparrow population is reducing day by day. It is very essential to feed the wild sparrows to protect and nurture them and also prevent the extinction of sparrows.

If you want to feed your house sparrows, you can feed them many foods that are already available in your home. You can feed them millets, grains, seeds, and corn. If you’re a busy person you can feed commercial food available for sparrows in the market. Let’s see some of the best sparrow food in India.

1. JiMMy Feed The Sparrow Wild Bird Food

best sparrow food

Feed The Sparrow is a blend of natural ingredients that sparrows love. It is one of the best feed to sparrows as the product is just wholesome and natural without any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. This bird feeder is especially suitable for consumption by small beaked birds. So It can be a safe investment to attract more birds to your backyard. You can buy this product at your local pet stores or also you can buy it online

2. Nature Forever Bird Feeder Mix, 900 g

NFS bird feeder mix has been blended carefully to attract large flocks of birds to your homes. Who wouldn’t love to accommodate such marvelous birds in their homes and gardens? Nature Forever Mix is a professionally blended mix of seeds, nuts, and grains to make the perfect food for wild birds. This food can be excellent feed for sparrows, hummingbirds, hornbills, cuckoos, and serval wild birds. Why wait, Just order this online.

3. Foxtail Millet

foxtail millet for birds

Foxtail Millet has been a popular bird feeder in India because it is simply one of the best food for every type of bird. Foxtail Millet brims with loads of protein, fiber, and calcium which are great for the bird’s health. So Without a second thought, you can feed this marvellous foxtail millet to your house sparrows. You can buy foxtail millets from your local grocery stores, super market or you can buy from online stores.


Apart from the commercial bird feeder, you can feed the sparrows with soaked rice, millets such as little millet, fox tail millet, yellow millets, seeds such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, flax seeds, etc.