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Why Dogs Bark at Night?

Are you by any chance irked by your naughty dog barking while your night sleep? There is no doubt most people prefer peaceful distraction less night sleep. But why do our dogs bark at night? Let’s see the possible reason for dogs barking at night.

We can classify the barking of dogs into two categories. The First is a communicative type of barking, for example when they see a threat and the other one is unnecessary barking. Moreover barking is the way dogs communicate, It is worthwhile to check out the reason whenever your dog barks.


Like we said earlier dogs bark when they notice any potential threat coming at them or their owners. In such cases, barking is the only way for dogs to alert their owners of the upcoming threat, for example when they notice an intruder or stranger coming into the house. So it is not a bad idea when you decide to peep out

Sensitive Ears

Dogs have sensitive ears, they can also catch lowly audible sounds that going around without you even hearing about that. Now Especially at night when the environment is usually calm, dogs can easily get startled by any new noises and that could be one of the reasons for dogs barking at night.

Loneliness and Boredom

Loneliness or Boredom can also be a triggering factor of barking in dogs. When dogs are bored, they bark at everything for no apparent reason, especially when they have nothing to do. Now when dogs feel lonely, barking is their way of socialization.