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Best Flowerhorn Fish Food in India

Flowerhorns are majestic pet fishes, you need to pay extra attention when it comes to what you feed them. Flowerhorn Fishes demand very high-quality food for good growth and colour enhancement. So always make sure to feed your Flowerhorns the right type of food. Let’s see some of the best Flowerhorn fish food in India for Head Growth & Colour.

1. Ocean Free Flowerhorn Food

If you are looking to put your Flower Horn on the best diet they can ever get, Ocean Free is a right-to-go option for flower horn fish foods. Though this food is a little pricey, it’s worth it for the benefits it can offer to your flower horn. Remember, This product is an imported one, so the price and availability of this product may not be the same in different stores. By comparing the price of this product in different shops, you can make sure you are buying it for the right price.

Ocean free flowerhorn food is made of ingredients such as Fish Protein, fish meal, Krill, Spirulina, Wheat Germ, Wheat Flour, Dried Yeast, Antarctic Shrimps, Protease, Stable Multi-Vitamin, and Mineral, Organic Minerals.

2. Amber Flowerhorn Fish Food

Amber is a uniquely formulated food for Flowerhorn fish considering all the parameters required for the diet of Flowerhorns. Their food comes in two variations namely Amber Asta Plus and Amber Max Pro. These are a premium range of Flowerhorn food from a homegrown Fish food brand ‘Taiyo’ which is one of the pioneers in the aquarium fish food segment in India.

Amber Flowerhorn food is made of Ingredients such as Shrimp, Spirulina, Fish Protein, Dried Yeast, Garlic, Krill, Vitamins, Minerals, Fish Meal, Wheat Germ, Wheat Flour, and Organic Minerals.

3. Taiyo Flowerhorn Food

Taiyo is a popular brand name for Flowerhorn foods in India and also overseas. Taiyo has some of the top-selling Flowerhorn Foods such as Taiyo Hi-red, Taiyo Humpy Head. Their foods for Flowerhorn are one of the best in India which is preferred by many Flowerhorn keepers.

Taiyo Flowerhorn food is made of ingredients such as Wheat Flour, Shrimp, Fish protein, Wheat Germ, Dried Yeast, Spirulina, Carotene, and Amino acids.

4. Okiko Platinum Head Huncher Flowerhorn Fish Food

Okiko Platinum Head Huncher is one of the best pellet fish foods for Flowerhorns available in India. People who have purchased this food have given positive reviews on this food. This food is known to enhance the natural colour of the Flowerhorns. And the Flowerhorn Fishes seem to like everything about this food, as they eat all of them in a span of a few seconds.

It is made of ingredients such as Fish Protein, fish meal, Krill, Spirulina, Wheat Germ, Dried Yeast, Wheat Flour, Antarctic Shrimps, Protease, Stable Multi-Vitamin, and Mineral, Organic Minerals.

5. Taiyo Pluss Discovery Flowerhorn Food

Taiyo Pluss Discovery is a Chennai-based leading Fish Food brand. They are actually a different brand though it has the name Taiyo. They are one of the most trusted brands for Flowerhorn Foods in India. The brand has a few special foods for Flowerhorn fishes namely Hi-Red, Humpy head and all of them are among the Top-selling Flowerhorn foods in India. Food quality and prices are more similar to Taiyo Flowerhorn foods.

Apart from all the best Flowerhorn foods mentioned above, You can also feed your Flowerhorns live prey such as mealworms, bloodworms, shrimp, crickets, and even small fishes occasionally.