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Best Goldfish Food in India

Goldfish is a little bundle of Joy that anybody will love keeping them. If you’re keeping a goldfish, you need to ensure that you are feeding them the right kind of food especially in the right amounts. The commercial Goldfish Foods comes in the form of flakes, pellets, granules, and also dried food forms. Let’s see some of the best Goldfish food in India.

1. Taiyo Grow Fish Food

Taiyo grow fish food is a Best-Selling Food For Goldfish in India. Obviously, It is one of the best goldfish food in India with a large customer base. This food can be a perfect staple for goldfishes, bettas, koi, and other tropical fishes. The food comes in the form of tiny pellets. Besides Taiyo grow fish food, there are few other good options from Taiyo that you can feed your Goldfishes.

What it is made of?

Ingredients: Wheatmeal, Fishmeal, Spirulina, Dried yeast, beta carotene, and natural ingredients to increase appetite.

Goldfish foods from Taiyo

  • Taiyo Aini Fast Red Fish Food
  • Taiyo Gold Flakes Fish Food
  • Taiyo Ever Red Gold Fish Food
  • Taiyo Aini goldfish food
  • Taiyo Colour Flakes Fish Food

2. Hikari Goldfish Food

Hikari Goldfish Gold is a special Goldfish food coming from “Hikari” a well-known fish food brand. Besides that, there are a few other foods for goldfishes coming from the brand namely Hikari Oranda Gold, Hikari Baby Gold, and Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish food. They are undoubtedly some of the best goldfish foods in India.

Goldfish Foods from Hikari

  • Hikari Gold Fish Gold Fish Food
  • Hikari Oranda Gold Fish Food

What it is made of?

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Wheat Germ Meal, Fish meal, wheat flour, brewers dried yeast, dried bakery product, soybean meal, fish oil, krill meal, corn gluten meal, rice bran, dried seaweed meal, garlic, vitamins, and minerals.

3. Tetra Goldfish Food

Tetra is a prominent fish food manufacturer from the United States. The brand has an exclusive range of goldfish foods specially formulated for them. Tetra goldfish food comes as pellets, flakes, crisps, granules, and as Dried foods such as shrimps and Krill.

What is it made of?

Ingredients: Fish meal, Wheat meal, Dried Yeast, Wheat Germ Meal, Vegetables, Shrimp meal, Vitamins, and mineral supplement, etc

Goldfish Foods From Tetra

  • Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour Fish Food
  • Tetra Goldfish Gold Growth Fish Food
  • Tetra Gold Exotic Goldfish Food
  • Tetra Goldfish Color Flake Fish Food

4. Optimum Fish Food

Optimum fish food is another good food to feed your Goldfish. Basically, Optimum tropical fish food is suitable for all types of aquarium fishes. It contains a special ingredient Astaxanthin to help enhance the natural colour of Goldfishes. Also contains Vitamin C & E to boost immunity and reduce stress in Fishes.

Goldfish Foods From Optimum

  • Optimum Highly Nutritious Mini Pellet Fish Food
  • Optimum 3 in 1 Fish Food

What it is made of?

Key Ingredients: Fish meal, shrimp meal. corn protein meal, soya bean meal, corn, cassava pellet, fish oil, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Taiyo Pluss Discovery Fish Food

Taiyo Pluss Discovery has some best staples for Goldfish. Besides Goldfish, You can feed them to any of your aquarium fishes. Fish foods from this brand are consistently positioned among the best-selling fish food category in India. Let’s see all goldfish fish foods from this brand.

What is it made of?

Key Ingredients: fish meal, Shrimp meal, wheat flour, cornmeal, soybean meal, yeast, beta carotene, carotenoid, lecithin, vitamins, and minerals.

Goldfish Foods From Taiyo pluss Discovery

  • Taiyo Pluss Discovery Special Food
  • Taiyo Pluss Discovery Xtream Fast Red
  • Taiyo Pluss Discovery Xtream Growth Fish Food

6. Boltz Healthy Fish Food

Boltz Healthy Fish food is a great food for your Goldfish with all-around nutrition. In Fact, This Feed is suitable for any type of aquarium Fishes including Betta fishes, Fancy corps, and angelfishes. It is claimed to be completely made with natural ingredients, So digestive issues will be of lesser sight when feeding this food.

What is it made of?

Ingredients: Fish meal, Wheat meal, Dried Yeast, Wheat Germ Meal, Vegetables, Shrimp meal, Vitamins, and mineral supplement, etc

Apart from the best goldfish foods mentioned above, you can feed your Goldfish Bloodworms, Mealworms, Veggies, seaweeds, and small fries.