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Best Aquarium Filter in India

It is well-known that aquarium tanks need regular maintenance for just everything to be perfect. The most important requirement for a thriving aquarium is absolutely thriving fishes & plants in it and maintaining day-to-day water quality is the utmost requirement for achieving it. Here come Aquarium filters to the rescue.

Tank filters substantially reduce the need for changing the tank water frequently. The Filtration system keeps the water quality livable for fishes and plants for a longer period.

Now Before Deciding on an aquarium filter, you need to take many factors into consideration

What type of filter is required for your aquarium?

Basically, the following are the types of tank filters used in aquariums. You will need to choose the right type for your aquarium.

  • Bio filters
    • Aquarium bio filters work by letting micro organisms break down wastes, just like in nature. A biological filtration system provides favourable ecosystem for microorganisms to live in your tank and can include plants and small invertebrate animals.
  • Mechanical Filters
    • Mechanical filters physically absorbs wastes from water and helps in maintaining the water quality longer.
  • Chemical Filters
    • Chemical Filters use chemical media such as activated carbons and resins to remove dissolved impurities from the water.

The next thing you will have to take into consideration is the type of aquarium you will have? Is it a Freshwater or marine aquarium and also what type of fish are you going to keep?

Some species like Goldfishes, especially large ones excrete a huge amount of poop, In such cases, you need powerful filtration to keep the water habitable. Some species such as discus demand very clean water.

Also How large is your aquarium? and the larger your aquarium, the lesser the maintenance, you could create an almost independent ecosystem that will be sufficient for long periods of time, needing cleaning probably 2 to 3 times a year.

Let’s see some of the best aquarium filters in India

1. Sobo Aquarium Internal Filter

2. Venus Aqua Aquarium Internal Filter

3. Sobo Four Stage Aquarium Internal Filter

4. Boyu Bio Filter

5. Nubios Internal Filter

6. Dophin C1600 Canister Filter

7. Sunsun External Canister Filter

8. Fluval Canister Filter

9. Ehem External Canister Filter

10. Sobo Aquarium Top Filter